These 7 Guys Prove That The Man Bun Can Actually Be Extremely Hot

The man bun hairstyle seems to be trending and now I understand why.

At first, I was a little thrown off by the style, but after witnessing the man bun on different guys, I have come to realize that some were simply made for this kind of look. It suits them best and actually makes them ten times more attractive.

Check out these 7 hunky men rockin’ their long hair. 

Tattoos and man bun.

man bun1

 Man bun playing the guitar. *swoon*

man bun2

Man bun on Chris Hemsworth.

man bun5

Lookin’ back at it. 


Flannel, facial hair, and man bun. 


Those arms and that bun.


I think these guys all might actually have better hair than I do. Props gentlemen. Keep it up, we’re diggin’ it.